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Dr. William Morang, DMD COVID-19 Policies (Check back for Facebook updates)

To maintain continuity of care while limiting your families exposure; together with providing maximum protection for our patients during this challenging time, the following TEMPORARY POLICIES will apply:

General Rules:
Please consider having PATIENTS ONLY enter the office, including the reception areas, for appointments when possible.  We will walk and accompany all minor patients back out to your vehicle afterward to update you and to schedule the next appointment. (Certain exceptions may apply)

We are instituting our NO TOUCH PROTOCOLS so that our patients have an opportunity to complete their visit with zero hand-to-surface exposure.  (e.g. paper towels for a barrier during entering and exiting; verbal check-in, and magazines have temporarily been discontinued)

If you or ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY, or even with whom you've recently been exposed, has experienced symptoms of recent illness, PLEASE INFORM US so that we may reschedule your appointment for the near future.

To supplement our already high sanitary and sterilization standards, we are employing additional measures to increase disinfection schedules for our office to exceed certain CDC recommendations as well as incorporating our NO TOUCH PROTOCOLS (see above). We will be relying more heavily on protective face masks and eye wear, together with vigilant personal hygiene and sanitation/sterilization.  

We value your health foremost, and we want you to feel secure during your visits with us.  
Together, we will safely weather these unprecedented inconveniences.


Dr. William Morang and his team provide comprehensive dental care in a pleasant, low stress environment. Our team of experienced dental professionals will do everything they can to make you feel welcome and restore your oral health, whether you need a full mouth restoration or simply a filling. 

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New Patient?

New patients will first meet with Dr. Morang to discuss their oral health and get any pressing questions answered. Our approach is to address your chief concerns first and then develop an individual treatment plan stressing the prevention of future (and often expensive) dental problems. 

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